East London Drag Queen Robyn Withawhy

I’ve been performing as a Drag Queen for years. I’ve danced around in my knickers on stages all over London, the UK and abroad. I can lipsync, pole dance, act like a wally on a microphone, and help get your crowd pumped!

So… why not book this East London Drag Queen for your next event?

Me performing as a drag queen on stage at London's Sink the Pink street party

A looooong time member of the beautiful Sink the Pink queer chaos family. I’ve been strutting catwalks, hyping crowds and falling off East London stages since their early Bethnal Green days. This East London Drag Queen knows her way around a crowd and can help turn an average night into one for the memory banks.

My drag CV is long and varied. So, if you’re looking for solo lip-syncs, and performances I’m your girl. I’ve delivered solo performances in venues ranging from dirty little basement clubs up to a ‘tuck job’ workshop in front of thousands of people at an outdoor festival. I can dance too, and have been part of giant choreographed dance numbers at venues like the O2 or the giant Troxy in East London. I’m a party animal hype queen, and have been responsible getting the crowed pumped up at bars, night clubs, festivals like Bestival or the main stage at both London and Brighton Pride.

Pole Dancing drag queen in East London

I’m a crafty queen too, so if you’re looking for some great tips on how to excel as a drag queen on a budget then check out my blog. Especially the post on How to make your own drag hip & butt pads.

I also play an active part in the alternative queer drag scene in London. So if you’re looking for more than one monster for your event, then ask and I can open my little black book.

Previously I’ve performed at:
Sink the Pink
The Glory
Mighty Hoopla
Dalston Superstore
East London Strippers Collective
Club Pedestal
Clash Bash
Maybe Baby
Vogue Fabrics
The ShayShay Show
Art’s House Festival
and a bundle more places I forget,

East London Drag Queen Robyn Withawhy