For over a decade I designed I was the in-house movie poster designer for the cult classic cinema The Prince Charles Cinema. Central London’s only independent cinema, and an absolute London icon. If you’ve never been, then head over to their website now and pay them a visit.

I literally designed hundreds of posters for them, from Quad posters for premiere’s of movies, to film seasons, to posters for food and drinks and more.

I especially enjoy designing posters for cult movies, vintage movies and double bill features. Harking back to the classic cinema poster designs of the 60/70/80s. So working at the Prince Charles was a dream. I’ve now got a huge bank of fonts and poster elements that I can call upon to really tell the story of an event or a movie through the design. I’ve also gotten really good at ageing and weathering designs to really hammer home that feeling of a late night double bill at a cult cinema. You can almost imagine the ushers bashing around the posters as the switch them up for display at the end of the night.

So if you’re looking for a movie poster designer and you like the style of mine? Why not hire me to design some for you?

Check out a selection below: