Aphroteasiacs tea range – product label design and illustration.

My lovely friend Allison has just launched a new aphrodisiac tea range called Aphroteasiacs. It’s a collaboration with the Rare Tea Company.

She asked me to use my illustration skills to design the labels for the three blends, trying to evoke the flavours of the tea and the sensual settings within which she hopes they’ll be drunk. The final products are now on sale on the Studio Sexus website.

I initially drew the designs by hand to give them a real organic feel. Then I scanned in and coloured them digitally for the final designs. This means that the products themselves retain some of the lovely paper tooth look, and the lines still retain the hand drawn texture.

If you’d like to hire me to work on some product label design and illustration for your company, please contact me here. Also be sure to check out my drawings, and other graphic design and illustration I’ve worked on in the past.

Final product label illustrations:

There are three flavours and each design attempts to reflect the smell and taste of the tea. Below you can see the final products next to some of the original concept drawings:

Rousing Roses

“Rousing Roses are kisses of earthly sweetness with a lick of smoke to envelop your senses teasing you in to glorious elation.”

illustration of a tea label

Sweetly Smoked

“Sweetly smoked chocolate undulating over almonds resting on a fire. Sweet smoke floats up surrounding your senses, filling them with enchanting pleasures”

Silver Tip

“Tender tips scented with fresh Jasmine flowers engulf your senses while a spritz of zesty citrus fills the air like a fresh spray of cool mist over your skin”

Over view of the product label designs

I have to say I’m over the moon with how the labels turned out. I think they’re a great blend of fun colours, and slightly risqué designs. If you look closely at them there’s a few extra naughty little details hidden in the designs.