Wow, so cards on the table, I’d forgotten I had this website. I registered a domain years ago so that I could have a home for an email account for my drag work, and quickly set up a holding account. Made a single blog post on how to make drag hip pads, and then promptly forgot all about this site entirely.

Each year, I’d fork out to renew the domain name, and think “I really should do something with that website” but never get around to it. It’s taken a global pandemic and lockdown to make me finally pull my finger out and sort this all out.

So here’s a fresh blog post, my first in I think 5 years! And blimey a lot has changed (and a lot hasn’t).

I hope over the coming months and years to use this a bit more and pull together all the disparate projects and personas that I’ve developed. I guess I’ve come to realise that keeping them all separate and pretending that the guy who does the drawing, is somehow a different brand or even a different person from the queen who struts on stage, or the plonker who falls of a skateboard, really doesn’t do me any favours.

So here’s to a fresh start and a bit of a window into the many wonderful things that I enjoy